Episode 31

Franchise Leaders at IFA 2024 Part 1


February 26th, 2024

30 mins 56 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Why is Franchising so important to your community and to the next generation of business leaders?

On this special edition of Franchise Voice, host Jack Monson speaks with some of the top leaders in franchising live at IFA 2024!

Catherine Monson, CEO of Propelled Brands, has just won the IFA Hall of Fame Award. Catherine shares her thoughts on the hall of famers who came before and those will lead franchising in the next generation. She also discusses this year’s theme of smart franchising, her advice for those just starting their entrepreneurial journey, and why franchising is the important means for wealth creation for all people.

Paul Pickett, CDO of Wild Bird Unlimited, is this year’s winner of the Ronald E Harrison Award recognizing Paul’s hard work in increasing diversity in franchising. He also shares his views as franchising as an important part of every local economy and community.

Plus, we have an update on Joint Employer, The NLRB, and other issues from Michael Layman, SVP of Government Relations, and Public Affairs at the IFA. Michael looks ahead to how this year’s presidential election will affect national and state public policies on which IFA is working. Learn more about the upcoming Senate vote and The IFA petition to the White House on the IFA site.